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Numéro spécial International Journal : The Arctic is Hot. Part II

Sous la direction de Stéphane Roussel et John Erik Fossum
« The Arctic is hot, part II », International Journal, vol. LXVI, no. 4, automne 2011.

Moving above and below the state : Actors and issues by John Erik Fossum & Stéphane Roussel

i. Issues

- Arctic shipping routes : From the Panama myth to reality. Frédéric Lasserre

- Submarines, oil tankers, and icebreakers : Trying to understand Canadian Arctic sovereignty and security. Rob Huebert

- The (Arctic) show must go on : Natural resource craze and national identity in Arctic politics. Geneviève King Ruel

- Environmental security in the Arctic : The case for multilevel governance. Olav Schram Stokke

ii. The European Union and the Arctic

- Breaking the ice : The European Union and the Arctic. Steffen Weber & Iulian Romanyshyn

- The EU in the Arctic : In pursuit of legitimacy and influence. Kristine Offerdal

iii. Civil society

- Canadian Inuit : Where we have been and where we are going. Mary Simon

- The promises and challenges of indigenous self-determination : The Sami case. Else Grete Broderstad

- The Inuit Circumpolar Council in an era of global and local change. Gary N. Wilson & Heather A. Smith

iv. Subnational governments

- The Arctic of the regions : Between indigenous peoples and subnational entities—Which perspectives ? Antoine Dubreuil

- Featured Article : The other sovereignties : Québec and the Arctic. Stéphane Roussel & Jean-François Payette

- Greenland at the crossroads : What strategy for the Arctic ? Marc Auchet

- An Alaskan perspective : The relationship between the US and Canada in the Arctic. Diddy R. M. Hitchins


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