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Culture, Gender and Technology Mediating Teacher Training Using Text Messaging in Refugee Camps

Cambridge University Press, 2020, pp. 451-472 , par Chaire UNESCO de développement curriculaire (CUDC), Olivier Arvisais

Olivier Arvisais est professeur au Département de didactique et co-président du Comité scientifique de la Chaire UNESCO de développement curriculaire (CUDC)


Policy makers, advocates and scholars have long concentrated on the importance of equal access to primary and secondary education as a foundation for a democratic and just society. Despite the growing importance of higher and specialist education in an increasingly technological and skill-focused global market, tertiary education has attracted much less attention. And yet, universities and colleges are epicentres of egregious disparities in access, which impinge on traditionally marginalized communities, such as racial minorities, migrants, indigenous populations, and people with disabilities. By drawing attention to this issue and assembling first-rate material from scholars and policy makers across the globe, this book performs an invaluable service for those interested in understanding and fighting a highly significant violation of educational opportunity and social justice.

Pour en savoir davantage sur ce chapitre, veuillez consulter le site internet de Cambridge University Press.


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