Good Governance, Institutional Reform and Poverty Reduction in Africa

How can good governance and institutional reform bring about poverty reduction in Africa ? Which policies and institutions are the right ones ? How can causal relationships between good governance and measures of well-being be established ? This essay, from the University of Quebec in Montreal, focuses on the World Bank’s (WB) commitment to poverty reduction over the last five years and charts the increasingly tied nature of access to multilateral funds.

Campbell, Bonnie, Marie Christine Doran et Samia Kazi Aoul. 2004. « Good Governance, Institutional Reform and Poverty Reduction in Africa ».Chapitre dans Globalization, Neoconservative Policies and Democratic Alternatives : Essays in Honour of John Loxley, sous la dir. de Haroon Akram-Lodhi, Robert Chernomas et Ardeshir Sepehri, p. 239-265. Winnipeg : Arbeiter Ring Publishing.

Bonnie Campbell

Marie-Christine Doran

Samia Kazi Aoul