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Doctoral and Postdoc Positions - International Relations/IPE

Date limite : 15 septembre 2017

Doctoral and Postdoc Positions - International Relations/IPE

Tim Büthe, Professor of Political Science & Public Policy and Chair for International Relations at the Technical University of Munich (TUM), seeks to build a team of doctoral and postdoctoral researchers at the Hochschule für Politik/Bavarian School of Public Policy (HfP) in Munich, Germany. Toward this end, he is inviting applications for several positions (for doctoral students at 50% of the German E13 rate), to be filled beginning in fall/winter 2017/18. We will begin review of a first round of applications on 15 September 2017.

The IR Chair is a newly established research and teaching unit of the HfP, an interdisciplinary institute for the study of politics and public policy, newly associated with the Technical University of Munich, Germany’s top research university. It brings together researchers pursuing active research agendas on theoretically exciting and empirically important questions in IPE (International Political Economy), focused on the politics of inter-/transnational economic relations.

Analytical skills and the capacity for increasingly independent social scientific research will be key selection criteria. Successful applicants will be expected, above all, to develop and pursue their own research within the overarching research agenda of the IR Chair. We welcome research proposals on any IPE topic but are especially interested in applications focused on :
- Regulatory politics and the governance of global markets
- Competition law and policy (see http://www.competitionpolicy.net)
- International or comparative aspects of health policy, esp. electronic medical records

Doctoral students and postdocs at the IR Chair are also expected to participate in ongoing research projects, make increasingly independent contributions to teaching at the HfP, and become active participants in the intellectual life of the HfP-affiliated Center for Doctoral and Postdoctoral Studies.

To apply, please send the following materials via email to ir-chair@hfp.tum.de :
• cover letter, indicating inter alia when you hope to start if we can offer you a position ;
• current CV (curriculum vitae) ;
• a preliminary research proposal (in English ; typically 2-6 pages in length) for a research project you hope to carry out in the context of this dissertation or postdoctoral fellowship ;
• transcripts providing specific information about all of your university-level coursework and/or a list of courses that is informative about your substantive and methodological preparation, including the level at which each course was taken and the grade obtained ;
• if not readily apparent from the official transcripts : documentation of all degrees obtained (typically in political science or related social sciences incl. possibly law) ;
• a research paper or other analytical writing sample (in English or German ; for postdoc applications preferably a published article) ;
• 2 letters of recommendation that speak to the applicant’s qualifications for doctoral or postdoctoral research, respectively (in English or German).

Please send all application materials, except for the letters of recommendation, in one email. Recommenders should not provide their confidential evaluations to the applicant, but send them directly, from their institutional email accounts to ir-chair@hfp.tum.de or by mail to :
Prof. Dr. Tim Büthe
Hochschule für Politik/Bavarian School of Public Policy
D-80333 Munich, Germany

The working language at the chair is English ; applicants who do not have a degree from an English-language university or program should indicate their proficiency. Proficiency in German may be needed for teaching ; please indicate proficiency, if any.

The IR Chair supports the TUM’s diversity policy that seeks to increase the number of women, people with disabilities, and other traditionally underrepresented groups in the sciences. We therefore particularly encourage submissions from such applicants.

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